Adblock Plus Parent Company eyeo Acquires Flattr

Our joint vision: User-driven, sustainable funding for the open web

eyeo, parent company of Adblock Plus, today officially announced its acquisition of Flattr, the award-winning content-funding solution that has already paid 30,000 online content creators and publishers since it was created in 2010. This follows last year’s news of the collaboration between Adblock Plus and Flattr to create a completely overhauled version of the micropayment service. It will allow users to directly and sustainably fund content they love – simply by browsing the web, without reliance on ads or paywalls. For the first time ever, users will be able to pay any website they visit with just one single account. Implemented as a browser extension, the new Flattr will completely eliminate the pain of entering payment data and check-out processes.

Peter Sunde, co-founder of Flattr commented: “Over the past 10 months, we collaborated closely and in fact, became one team with a joint vision. So it was just natural to remove the remaining structural barriers and make it official. We share almost identical values of making the internet safe and fair for everyone. We’re excited to continue our work on the Flattr project to give back control to the users of the internet. They should decide how they want to use the internet and how they want to support the content they enjoy. The internet is a decentralized network with unlimited sources of creativity. This free and open internet needs a payment option that reflects these core values.”

The core team of the original Flattr company will continue its operations with all staff members from Malmö, Sweden. Peter Sunde will act as advisor and his co-founder Linus Olsson will continue to head operation and implementation.

“At eyeo we’ve always looked for ways to make the web more fair and less annoying. We started with Adblock Plus, which helped pioneer the idea of constructive ad blocking: letting in better, more respectable ads that ad blocking users accept. Flattr makes micropayments automatic and effortless, thus it will be the most user-friendly payment solution on the internet. Together, constructive ad blocking and Flattr complete eyeo’s vision of putting users in control of an internet that is fair and still profitable,” said Till Faida, founder of eyeo, the company behind Adblock Plus.

“Over the past several months, it became very clear that we needed to go beyond a partnership and truly bring Flattr into the eyeo family. This allows us to go that extra mile and finalize our vision of enabling hundreds of millions of users to choose how they want to pay for the content they consume. This is a game-changer,” Faida added.

Users and publishers can sign up to use Flattr at to be among the first to test the new zero-click version of Flattr.

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