Sony to add support for AAC format to digital music players

Sony to add support for AAC format to digital music players

Apple might not be the developers of the AAC format, but they practically are the force behind popularizing it. Now, Sony has said that they would be supporting this format with their upcoming digital music player and software applications.

The company once was the dominating player in the portable music market with their Walkman range of music players. However, Apple changed all that when they launched the fabulous Apple iPod player a couple of years ago. They now control a majority of the digital player market and also are the leading seller of digital songs on the net.

Sony has now said that its ubiquitous Walkman players and the latest version of its music management software will support the AAC file format. Apple uses this format and adds its own DRM technology for the music sold on their iTunes digital store. Apple iTunes the application too by default rip CDs in AAC format.

This means that consumers would be able to load songs ripped from Apple iTunes application on their Sony digital music players. However, these players would still be incompatible with the songs purchased and downloaded from the Apple iTunes digital music store.

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