Google Chrome 5.0.371.0 released on Dev Channel

Google Chrome 5.0.371.0 released on Dev Channel

Google Chrome developers have released a new build for the users on dev channel.

The latest dev channel edition is Google Chrome 5.0.371.0.


Geolocation support (Issue 11246 and many others)
Fixed bug where HTML5 audio/video elements stopped firing timeupdate events (Issue 25185)
WebGL is running inside the sandbox under the –enable-webgl flag (i.e. this no longer requires the –no-sandbox flag to run). Browsing with the –no-sandbox is dangerous and we strongly recommend that you not do it.
Changes to the Omnibox (e.g. the bookmark star has moved, icon changes, etc…)

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More omnibox reshuffling work-in-progress (Issue: 37865)

After some churn in recent dev channels, we now obey more font settings from fontconfig while still not sacrificing web compatibility. Unhappy about how your fonts look? Read a document about how to diagnose the various issues.

Known Issues
[Linux] HTML5 audio/video elements are not firing the ended event
[Linux] Right clicking “Copy Image” causes a crashes (Issue: 40448)

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