Google Chrome 5.0.360.0 released on Dev Channel

Google Chrome 5.0.360.0 released on Dev Channel

Google Chrome developers have released a new build for the users on Dev Channel.

Google Chrome 5.0.360.0 is being delivered to users on Dev Channel on all the three platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux.


Tabbed bookmark manager (Issue 4890)

Several Translate improvements

Fixed several AutoFill features (Issues 38218, 38009, 38538, 38104, 38681)

Fixed long timeout when navigating away from slow pages (Issue 11007)

Fixed menu popups for Xinerama users (Issue 14184)

Better crash dumping

Updated libpng for CVE-2010-0205

There are a couple of known issues in this build:

Issue 39196 Bookmarks under the chevron are disabled (fixed but not in this release)

Issue 39104: REGRESSION: Native dialogs got extended – fixed on trunk.

Issue 37874: REGRESSION: Visual Defect / Gray Bar on Frame and Superbar on Windows 7 and Vista Aero

Issue 39340: [Extensions] Chrome crashes when dragging browser action not-incognito-enabled from normal window to incognito window

Issue 39360: [Extensions] Facebook for Google Chrome extensions doesn’t work in incognito mode

Issue 39372: [Extensions] new tab extensions takes effect in incognito mode even without “Allow this extension to run in incognito” option checked.

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