AT&T launches a mega brand promotion campaign

AT&T launches a mega brand promotion campaign

AT&T Corporation has announced that they are going to unleash the biggest ever marketing campaign of their history to strengthen their brand image in the US market. The company was recently acquired by SBC Communications Inc. in a deal, which was worth close to USD 18 billion. The combined entity decided to use the AT&T brand name to leverage the popularity in the market.

They also became once again the biggest phone company in the United States after the merger. AT&T also unveiled their new slogan “Your World. Delivered”. The company plans to make use of the New Year celebration by advertising on TV broadcasts, including Dick Clark’s annual extravaganza. The company also plans to sponsor Cotton Bowl and the upcoming Winter Olympics, being staged in Turin, Italy.

However, they have not disclosed how much these new attempts to recreate the magic of their brand name would cost. AT&T now not only offers telephony service but also have a presence in the wireless and long-distance phone service nationwide. They provide wireless services through their subsidiary Cingular Wireless which is a joint venture with BellSouth Corp.

AT&T now faces competition from other market giants like Verizon and the local cable service providers, which offer VoIP and other services through broadband connectivity.

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