adds copyright disclaimer after lawsuits adds copyright disclaimer after lawsuits

Chinese web portal has finally added a copyright disclaimer on its section, which allowed visitors to search for MP3 music available on the net. The service does not host any of the result content and just act as a mediator between the user and the content available for free on the internet. However, the digital content companies claimed that they were allowing users to freely download copyrighted content.

The newly added disclaimer message represents the company’s policies of fighting piracy and also claims that they would be deleting index data which in fact disregards copyright laws. However, the search service otherwise functions as normal searching facility it was till now. The web service is very popular in the Chinese web user base and in fact is envied by global giants like Yahoo!

They also have the distinction of being on the U.S. stock market where they debuted in August this year. They were fined $8,400 by the courts in the ruling in the copyright issue lawsuit and are in the process of appealing against that ruling. The company also said in a statement: “It has always been Baidu’s philosophy to protect intellectual property and our recent modification of our MP3 search web pages is consistent with this philosophy”.

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