IBM collaborates with Google on Search

IBM collaborates with Google on Search

IBM (International Business Machines Corp.) has collaborated with search engine giant Google to improve upon the searches for not only their local documents and personal e-mail but also their corporate databases. The plans were announced by the two companies on Friday. As a result of this deal, IBM would be linking their OmniFind corporate search system with the Google’s Desktop Search system.

The aim is to make it easier for users to locate information throughout an organization that is often locked up in many separate systems. David Girouard, general manager of Google’s enterprise business unit: “Getting these two products together makes sense for both of us. If you want to have a good corporate search product, you have to have desktop search.”

The deal would help Google get a major brand endorsing its desktop search tools and in return, IBM gives their workers a better mechanism to search for information available on their local servers and systems. Jon Prial, IBM’s vice president of content management added: “There is a lot of information that passively sits inside an enterprise. Our intention is to provide more of an active service that gives a single view of all that information.”

This seems to be just another case of Microsoft’s competitors joining hands together. Recently, Google signed on a deal with Sun Microsystems to co-promote each other applications. This was mostly linked to the Sun’s OpenOffice initiative, which is aimed at the Microsoft’s popular MS Office suite.

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