Motorola Razr a hit this holiday season

Motorola Razr a hit this holiday season

World’s second largest mobile maker continues to dominate the US mobile market with their Razr mobile phone. The mobile phone was launched more than a year ago but still manages to attract enough attention of the shopping consumer to generate huge sales. And if we are to believe the reports from the market, Motorola Razr did great this holiday season too in the US market.

Many retailers and analysts have admitted that the one-year-old model continues to remain popular and has in fact helped Motorola to bounce back from its low in this market in the last couple of years. This is despite the fact that cheaper replicas are available from companies like Samsung, which tries to catch on this particular segment of consumers looking for a sleek design and impressive feature list.

However, there is another feeling amongst the experts in the market who believe that this massive popularity would in fact lessen the coolness factor associated with the mobile phone. Motorola on their part claims that the concept of the mobile is cool enough to continue attracting the buyers for another couple of years at least. They just need to keep revising the technology and feature set in this design to keep it fresh and up-to-date.

Motorola representative Alan Buddendeck said in a statement: “As long as we can keep innovating on the Razr platform and bring more of the features consumers want to the product, the longer the product’s life. Apple has proved this theory perfectly with their iPod range of digital music players and Motorola is looking to replicate its success model.

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