Lenovo targeting Indian consumer market for PC sales

Lenovo targeting Indian consumer market for PC sales

Chinese tech giant Lenovo shook the IT world when they took over the PC manufacturing business of global IT giants IBM about a year back. The company has a strong presence in the Asian market and is now planning to expand its operations in the growing market of India. They are already a major player in the commercial PC segment where they provided solutions for business needs.

Lenovo now plans to target the Indian consumer market in the coming months, as this segment constitutes some 33 per cent of the overall PC market in India. Looking at the growing PC penetration in the country, this is quite a lucrative segment to be in. despite the fact that assembled PCs makes bulk of the sales in this segment; Lenovo is hoping to leave its mark.

Mr. Rahul Agarwal, General Marketing Manager, Lenovo (India) Pvt Ltd said in a statement about the company’s plans for the Indian market. “Though we have not finalized a date as yet, the foray would happen soon.” He also added that the company is planning to bring here the Lenovo branded PCs and notebooks for the consumer segment soon.

The company has a manufacturing base located in Pondicherry with a manufacturing capacity of 0.6 million units per year. Lenovo is also considering increasing this capacity to around a million units per year to meet the demand from the new segment they plan to target.

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