Google Guys finances independent movie: Broken Arrows

Google Guys finances independent movie: Broken Arrows

There is no doubt that the two driving force behind the search engine giant Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page are very smart at what they do. The latest news coming in shows that they are good buddies of their college friends as well. The duo is making what can be considered their first foray into the world of movie making business as they are helping finance an independent movie being made by their college time friend Reid Gershbein.

Brin and Page are officially the executive producers of this movie, which is being called Broken Arrows. It is a movie based on the story of a man who loses his pregnant wife in a terrorist attack and decides to live a life of a hit man. Google has confirmed their involvement in this movie but not many details have been revealed.

Reid Gershbein became good friends with both Brin and Page when they were students at the computer science at Stanford University. He currently works as a computer graphics designer at DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. Gershbein said in a statement to the media: “I can’t say how lucky I am. They were extremely generous.” As per media reports, the film’s cost is just around USD 1 million and the Google guys are funding around half of the cost.

Gershbein also added that he is planning to showcase the movie at the upcoming festivals during the next falls.

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