South Korea to send legal notices by mobile messages

South Korea to send legal notices by mobile messages

South Korea happens to be one of the most advanced markets when it comes to mobile communications. In addition, the density of mobile users is so high that the government has now decided to cut costs by sending legal notices and indictments by messages on mobile phones rather than regular mail. This new method of notification is expected to begin next year and could possibly setup an example for other nations to follow the same where mobile density is rather high.

Jun Dae-jin, an official at the Supreme Prosecutors’ Office said in a statement that the government plans to start the trials of sending legal notices via text and voice messages next month and the process would be in full flow by the middle of 2006. This would also help them reaching their targeted audience faster and in cheaper mechanism.

Regular mails also have a tendency to get missing while on its way leading to more legal hassles for the people. And considering the mobile records of the users are more up-to-date than their residential addresses, it would help them even if people have moved in the recent times from their original addresses. Another factor is the privacy of the recipient considering the relatives and family members won’t be alarmed by notices sent by regular mails.

However, the government has decided that the prosecutors would be sending these messages by electronic media only if they opt for it. And for people without having access to mobile phones would still be receiving the legal notifications by regular mail. As per reports, more than 80% of the citizens of the country have their own mobile phones and this figure is impressive enough to go for such a drastic step.

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