Microsoft now targets online classifieds market with Fremont

Microsoft now targets online classifieds market with Fremont

Trust Microsoft to try doing everything that Google does. Microsoft is struggling to launch innovative applications on the web as it normally end up replicating the services Google starts first! Google started Gmail, which led to Microsoft enhancing the capacities of hotmail accounts. MSN is now working on an updated interface of a web mail service using AJAX to make it more interactive.

Google launched their Google Desktop Search, which was again replicated by Microsoft. Then we saw other services like Google Maps, Google Local, Google AdSense online text relevant advertisement services and more. All these services have their MSN versions out or under development. Now, the latest to join this list is the online classifieds market in which Google entered recently with Google Base.

The latest news in is that Microsoft is developing a similar online classified service. It would enable the users to list items for sale, events, and other classifieds type of information that can be shared with either select groups of friends or anyone over the Internet. They have codenamed this new service as Fremont and it is currently going internal testing in the company.

Garry Wiseman, MSN product unit manager said in a statement about this new service: “Basically, it will be a free listing service, with a bunch of twists to make it very unique, such as integration with social networks, in particular integration with MSN Messenger.”

Similar to Google Base, Ads relevant to the listing will appear alongside the search results and the content available in the database would be searchable globally on the main MSN search site as well as a standalone Web site. It would also be integrated in certain ways with the MSN’s Map website, Windows Live Local.

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