Music Piracy still on despite the popularity of iTunes

Music Piracy still on despite the popularity of iTunes

It does not require a genius to figure this out. Online piracy of music content is still popular and it still manages to beat the legal download services comprehensively. A report from analyst house JupiterResearch claims that an average consumer is three times likely to download a song illegally from the net than purchase it from any of the popular web based stores.

Apple iTunes is the market leader and they have even managed to enter the top 10 list of stores selling songs in America. Young users are more likely to download pirated music and most of these consumers are between 15 and 24 years-old. As per the report, 34 per cent of these users have little concept of music as a paid commodity.

Market experts also claim that despite the growing popularity of online music purchasing and lawsuits on illegal music downloading users, online piracy of digital music is expected to continue. Mark Mulligan, analyst at JupiterResearch said in a statement to a media group: “The momentum is with the legal services, there’s nothing to suggest legal file-sharing is going to go away. It’s a firmly entrenched behavior and the fact it’s free makes it more difficult.”

The research also found that most of the net users find audio CDs a bad value for money and prefers to copy from CDs than purchasing them.

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