French are the most online people in Europe

French are the most online people in Europe

France is usually known for its Wine, Wealth, and Women. However, they have now also taken the crown for having the most frequent internet users. A study has revealed that France leads the rest of Europe in the numbers of hours spent online by Internet users. They are followed by internet users in Britain and Spain.

The research was conducted by the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA) and they found that an average French user now spends 13 hours a week online, compared with 11 each for Britain and Spain. The average usage for a European web user comes to around 10-1/4 hours.

Italy had the users who spend the least on an average surfing on the internet. Their average came to just around eight hours a week. EIAA took into consideration opinions from 7,000 random telephone interviews with 1,000 respondents across Europe. The overall results also shows that Europeans were now spending 17 percent more time online compared with 2004.

This is quite a drastic rise when compared to users watching television and reading newspapers. Magazine reading on the other hand has taken a beating. EIAA added in a statement: “The figures for broadband users are even more staggering, with nearly a third spending more than 16 hours per week online.”

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