Vonage might be barred from signing in new customers

Vonage might be barred from signing in new customers

Vonage Holdings happens to be the market leaders in VoIP segment in the United States. However, they just might find themselves barred from signing in new users after it failed to meet U.S. VoIP deadline. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission had given Vonage and similar VoIP service providers 120 days to comply with its order requiring enhanced 911, or E911, in all their service areas.

This deadline is over and Vonage has been unsuccessful in managing to comply with the ruling. House and Senate lawmakers on their part have pledged the agency to give these operators some more time to take corrective measures but nothing has come out of it till now.

As per Vonage, just around 26 per cent of its customer base had full E911 services. They have also said that they are capable of transmitting a call back number and location for 100 per cent of its subscribers. However, they still have to wait for cooperative measures from their competing companies in this market.

There are about 3.6-million VoIP users in the United States. And the FCC believes that they ought to have similar facility of accessing the emergency services as users of regular telephones have.

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