Disney to launch Disney Mix Sticks MP3 players

Disney to launch Disney Mix Sticks MP3 players

The latest entrant in the digital music player segment is not aiming to compete with Apple iPod. In fact, they are just trying to carve an independent segment for themselves. The players are the popular entertainment giants Disney who are soon going to launch their own MP3 music players called Disney Mix Sticks. They are targeting the small kids segment who wants their own personal music players.

The basic model of the Disney Mix Sticks would feature 128 Megs of digital storage and the users would have the option to upgrade it to as much as one gigs. This player would use the memory in the form of memory cards, which makes it easily to upgrade memory. Disney is planning to price these gizmos at $49.99 and they should be available in the Disney stores by mid of next month.

This does not happen to be the first time Disney is venturing into selling electronics good. They launched a desktop PC aimed at kids sometime last year with the monitor resembling the shape of Mickey Mouse.

The MP3 player market is as competitive with Apple being the market leader and the other players struggling to survive. Rio has exited from the market and Dell recently entered with their DJ Ditty player. Sony also launched a mini player called Sony Bean aimed at the Apple iPod Shuffle.

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