Kodak ships Wi-Fi enabled EasyShare-One

Kodak ships Wi-Fi enabled EasyShare-One

Digital camera makers Kodak have launched a new camera, which is a first of its kind and does not require a computer to transmit photos to others by email. Eastman Kodak Co. has started shipping this Wi-Fi enabled camera capable of sending photos directly to friends and family without a computer. The company calls the camera EasyShare-One and it is priced at a decent USD 599.

Users can use this camera to snap pictures and send photos directly through a Wi-Fi transmitter at home or work. They also have the option to pay an additional $4.99 per month to connect the camera with any of T-Mobile USA’s 6,000 hot spots at public places to achieve the same flexibility of sending photos on the move.

The camera comes with an intuitive liquid-crystal screen, which contains easily understandable options to send images by email or upload to the Kodak’s online photography site. These images are actually transmitted through Kodak’s own website but the users have the flexibility to show that they are coming from their email id.

Kodak EasyShare-One camera features 4 megapixels of resolution, 3x optical zoom, storage room for up to 1,500 photos and a 3-inch touch screen.

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