Apple and Motorola: A love-hate relationship?

Apple and Motorola: A love-hate relationship?

Something is going wrong between the collaboration between Motorola and Apple. The companies have been dealing with each other since more than 20 years now. Apple used Motorola’s 68000 processor in their Lisa and recently the companies collaborated on launching the much hyped up iTunes capable mobile phone Motorola Rokr.

However, the product came as a disappointment considering it looks like an old-fashioned mobile phone capable of playing just around 100 songs using the loading iTunes application. In contrast, many existing phones in the market are capable of doing much more than what Rokr offers. In addition, Apple spoiled the Motorola’s party by launching their own iPod nano, which has somehow managed to impress many people around and has been a smashing success.

More news dropped in claiming that Motorola CEO Ed Zander was quoted saying, “Screw the Nano. What the hell does the Nano do? Who listens to 1,000 songs?” last week. Now, even the market analysts believe that a user would rather have a mobile phone capable of playing music than carry two separate devices. However, Rokr is not a product, which can impress a user more than an iPod. Motorola needs to do more than just speak on what they can do…

And even more interesting is the fact that Zander himself has now speculated that it will not take much long before Apple launches their own Smartphone capable of doing a lot more than what the market has currently. And that should fuel the differences between the two companies…

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