Kazaa developers working on blocking protected content

Kazaa developers working on blocking protected content

After the courts gave the owners of the Kazaa peer-to-peer application a deadline to block pirated content from its network, the developers are now working hard on installing relevant filters. This is aimed at preventing the users of this popular application from searching for digital protected content.

Federal Court judge Murray Wilcox had ordered Kazaa owners last week to install the new filters last week as part of landmark music piracy litigation between Sharman Networks and recording industry based in Australia. A company spokesperson said about their preventive measures: “Sharman Networks is working towards compliance of the court.”

They just have a couple of days left to launch a new update of their application Kazaa Media Desktop with these preventive filters in place. They have a set of around 3,000 keywords mostly linked to popular singers and movies. Sharman Networks has also been told to encourage the users of older version to upgrade to this latest versions through warning popups.

However, considering the software does not require a central server in place, it is doubtful on whether the new version would really be successful in stopping users from downloading pirated content from the internet.

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