Dell goes high end with XPS series

Dell goes high end with XPS series

America’s largest PC manufacturer Dell is now aiming for the higher end gaming machines with the launch of the new XPS series of personal computers. The company is now launching a line of upscale and more expensive computers. Dell suffered lower than expected revenue growth last year due to aggressive pricing and discounted offers. With this higher end range, the company would be aiming for larger profits and new generation of customers.

Dell launched on Wednesday three high-powered desktop computers and a notebook. They are targeting tech enthusiasts, gamers, and buyers who prefer the best products, services and individualized support as per the statement released by the company. These new products start at $1,099 while the notebook costs around $2,700.

Currently, the company is selling low-end computers starting as low as $299 on their websites, which brings in little profits for the company. Another laptop released by the company cost a huge $4,260 and features Nvidia Corp.’s high-powered GeForce Go 7800 GTX gaming chip. Dell has now also launched a series of high-definition televisions for the first time.

Dell’s 50-inch television is priced at $3,799 while the 32-inch costs around $1,799. These products are already available from the company’s website.

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