Cingular to sell Nokia email capable mobile phone

Cingular to sell Nokia email capable mobile phone

Research in Motion’s Blackberry device has showcased how corporate executives love to stay connected while on the move. The capability to check and reply to emails and stay connected to instant messaging networks is what makes Blackberry a massive hit and a darling for these highflying customers. The latest news in is that now No. 1 U.S. mobile service Cingular Wireless would start offering Nokia’s top-of-the line computer phone and Blackberry e-mail pager.

With this deal with Nokia, Cingular gets access to Nokia’s 9300 line of phones to market them in the US market. Their competitors are well known brands like Palm Inc. Treos and Blackberry phones from Canada’s Research In Motion Ltd. Both are best sellers in their own segments and Nokia wants to heat up the battle for the dominance in this market.

Nokia also wants to get a solid foothold in this American market, which has traditionally been dominated by their close rivals Motorola. Motorola continues to lead in the USA with Nokia failing to impress the customers. However, a lot would depend upon how the service provider Cingular promotes their branded mobile phones and how the market reacts to this brand new device trying to compete with Blackberry and Treo smartphones.

This mobile device would use the popular Research in Motion’s Blackberry e-mail software considering the competing devices are moving on to using Microsoft’s products. Motorola itself is entering this segment with their Q device, which offers similar functionality to RIM Blackberry. Nokia uses Symbian based Operating System with most of other manufacturers using Microsoft’s technology.

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