Microsoft and Intel backs Toshiba HD DVD format

Microsoft and Intel backs Toshiba HD DVD format

The battle between the two emerging next generation DVD formats has just gotten more interesting. Sony it looks like would suffer from the Microsoft’s entry into the gaming console market as Microsoft has decided to join Toshiba in their efforts to make HD DVD the next standard for the DVD formats. And Microsoft is expected to play a big role in decided what is adopted in the Personal Computer front in the coming years considering their Windows operating system powers more than 90% of the desktops out there.

Not only Microsoft, Intel has also chipped in with their support for the HD DVD format. This makes it even more complicated for Sony to push through with their Blu-Ray format, which they would be supplying in the market with the upcoming Sony Playstation 3, gaming console next year.

These companies putting in their support for HD DVD format claims that this format is optimized for computers especially laptops considering it is built on the existing DVD formats. HD DVD drives are designed to build on existing DVD hardware, so that they can take up less space, making them ideal for slim form factors, as per the statements from these companies.

With this news, Microsoft and Intel joins the HD DVD Promotion Group which already includes companies like NEC Corp., Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd. and Memory-Tech Corp. Microsoft has also said that their upcoming Windows Vista would offer built in support for HD DVD format with Blu-Ray support requiring additional software. This might be a major disappointment for Sony and the backers of their format.

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