Google claims the search engine crown on its seventh birthday

Google claims the search engine crown on its seventh birthday

Search Engine giant Google recently celebrated its seventh birthday and announced that their index is now at least three times larger than that of any of its search engine competitors. This is perhaps a response to a recent press release from Yahoo! where they claimed that theirs was the largest searchable index on the internet.

The company also highlighted their various product offerings like Google Talk, Google Earth, Google Video, and Google Desktop Search and said that they have had an amazing year and are looking forward to more interesting things. Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt said: “We’re celebrating our seventh birthday… We had a pretty strong year. And we’ve sort of been struggling here with respect to the index. It has always been much larger than the others.”

Eric also added: “We’re announcing tonight that in terms of unduplicated pages our index is now three times larger than any other search engine.” However, the company has not disclosed the number of pages and other web based objects they are capable of searching now. Google has also stopped displaying this number at the bottom of their various searching services.

Yahoo! also released a statement on Google’s announcement: “We congratulate Google on removing the index size number from its homepage and for recognizing it is a meaningless number. As we’ve said in the past, what matters is that consumers find what they are looking for, and we invite Google users to compare their results to Yahoo! search at”

Looks like this war is showing no sign of cooling down!

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