Mobile Phones with integrated Cameras to remain in demand

Mobile Phones with integrated Cameras to remain in demand

The sales of mobile phones continue to surge throughout the world and the technology is getting cheaper and sophisticated all the time. They are available today for as low as 20 dollars and they can potentially replace other devices like portable music players and digital cameras. Market reports claim that the camera equipped digital cameras are here to stay and the demand for these would continue to increase in the coming times.

New research reports claim that the demand for such phones would reach a billion units by the end of current decade. IC Insights Inc. has released the report and it says that the demand for camera-equipped mobile phones would grow from 225 million units in 2004, to 365 million units in 2005, to 475 million in 2006, to 600 million in 2007 and to 780 million by 2008.

The report also claims that traditionally the Japanese mobile users have been the most demanding when it comes to features available in their handsets. The market continues to grow in Asian countries like India and China and Japan continues to head other countries when it comes to evolution of newer frontiers and technologies integrated in mobile phones.

The IC Insights said: “Although the Japanese market was the ‘early adopter’ of the camera phone, it is estimated that the Japanese market will represent only about 13 percent of the total demand for camera-equipped handsets in 2005, down from 95 percent just three years earlier in 2002. One of the pleasant surprises in the cellular phone industry over the past couple of years has been the significant popularity of the camera phone outside of Japan.”

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