What makes Nokia look at markets beyond Mobiles?

What makes Nokia look at markets beyond Mobiles?

It is a tough question to answer. Nokia is the world leader in the mobile phone segment though latest news in claims that Motorola is chipping away the advantage. However, they still sell the maximum number of handsets in the world. And with plans to launch cheaper phones in the developing nations through manufacturing plants in countries like China, the number can only grow high.

There is also another surprising element in the launch of Nokia’s latest product codenamed Nokia 770. It is basically a web browser enabled handheld unit, which can access the net using Wi-Fi connectivity. Everything sounds normal other than the fact that the device comes without phoning capabilities.

This is quite a contrast to what the other companies seems to be doing. The makers of the highly successful iPod device, Apple is collaborating with mobile giant Motorola to develop mobile phones with iTunes support incorporated. Samsung is launching phones with bigger storage space to handle MP3 music playing capabilities. Sony launched a mobile phone under the walkman brand, which again comes with digital music playing capabilities.

The trend seems to be convergence of other technologies with a mobile phone. Nokia’s latest product just goes against it. What is in their mind? Time will tell…

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