Nokia takes on Apple with Digital Mobile Phone

Nokia takes on Apple with Digital Mobile Phone

First, it was Sony who launched their Walkman branded mobile phone to go head to head with the Apple’s iPod and now Nokia has done the same. Apple has had massive success with their digital music player range consisting of the iPods. They have sold more than 15 million units, which is good enough to make any competing company go jealous. Now, Nokia is coming around to check how good they are when competing against the Macintosh makers.

With mobile phone sales market becoming rather stale, Nokia plans to enter the mobile entertainment market with their latest range of mobile handsets and mobile-based digital music player is just a beginning. Their just launched N91 is a mobile developed to perform like a music player. In addition, it comes with functionalities of a digital camera and of course a PDA.

A senior Nokia representative spoke to the media about this newly launched product: “I would say there are many advantages. It has a 4-gigabyte hard disk, which means you can store up to 3,000 tracks. It is designed for music usage. You can use it with any headphones or speakers connected to it. It has very easy to use software to manage thousands of tracks. The sound quality is state-of-the-art and the best around and it’s a device which is more or less the same size as an iPod mini.”

The device is also Internet capable and can send and receive mails as well.

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