Yahoo! offering CBS Sitcoms online

Yahoo! offering CBS Sitcoms online

CBS has collaborated with search engine giant Yahoo! and they are now streaming a pair of episodes from the CBS comedies “Two and a Half Men” and “How I Met Your Mother” on the Yahoo! website. These episodes would be available for a week and are free to watch on the net. These were originally telecasted earlier this season and their online version won’t have any cuts for the advertisements.

This becomes the first time Yahoo! is broadcasting complete television shows for free on the internet. These two shows are otherwise regularly broadcasted on Monday nights on the television channel. Streaming television on the internet has become the latest fad for these media and internet companies with newer collaborations being formed regularly in countries like Japan and United States.

Apple also is doing its bit by letting owners of their Apple iPod Video download certain television episodes from iTunes and watch them on their portable players. Disney and ABC are providing this content to the Macintosh maker and many other TV studios are planning to join the group. NBC is also trying this technology out and is offering same-night replay of “Nightly News” online at no charge.

Tivo and AOL are also planning to do their part to join the companies involved in the broadcasting of TV content on non-TV mediums.

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