Jeff Bezos to open a rocket-ship complex for his aerospace venture

Jeff Bezos to open a rocket-ship complex for his aerospace venture

Jeff Bezos is more popularly known as the person who revolutionized ecommerce on the internet. He is the founder of the world’s largest online retailing store Amazon which has also just reported highest holiday season sales this year. Interestingly, Bezos is now reported to be planning to open a rocket ship complex for an aerospace venture.

Reports in the media claims that Bezos is revamping an office and warehouse complex in the south Seattle suburb, which he wants to use for designing and developing spacecraft and engines. The venture is called Blue Origin and it has revealed little about its plans and future goals. Bezos recently said in an interview that he wanted to build spacecrafts, which can launch and land vertically.

The ultimate aim is to develop crafts capable of orbiting the earth leading to possible establishment of colonies in the space. Looks like another venture on the lines of what Virgin chief Richard Branson is planning for the future. Bezos has reported paid $13 million for nearly 25 acres of industrial land in the region and is spending another $8 million on the remodeling and renovation.

Blue Origin spokesman Bruce Hicks said that they were not releasing much details for now considering the project is in very early stages. Market experts believe that this could be the next big venture for the man who revolutionized online purchasing and ecommerce.

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