Russian carrier Aeroflot might buy planes from Boeing

Russian carrier Aeroflot might buy planes from Boeing

Reports in the Russian media including business dailies Kommersant and Vedomosti have reported that the country’s long-haul aircraft carrier Aeroflot is planning to buy 22 Boeing aircrafts. The deal can be even extended to as many as 28 planes are could be worth around USD 2.5 Billion. The media reports quoted sources at the airline and claimed that the deal can be signed in March next year.

Vedomosti quoted internal sources in the Aeroflot Company and said that they have a preference for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. The company’s Deputy General Director Igor Desyatnichenko had said a couple of months ago that the airline would decide soon on whether to opt for the Boeing 787 or rival Airbus in the long-haul category. Boeing and Airbus are the two major players in this segment and offer huge discounts to prospective buyers.

Aeroflot is working hard on updating their aircraft fleet in the recent months and wants to get the new planes started from 2009. They had also recently approved the lease of five Airbus A320 airliners and said that they would be buying seven more A321s. They are also interested in replacing their older Tu-134 planes with foreign-made used aircrafts.

The Russian government has also decided to help these airline companies in the country by easing import restrictions on some Boeing and Airbus models.

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