Amazon selling record number of iPods and Videogames

Amazon selling record number of iPods and Videogames

The world’s largest online ecommerce store has revealed that the holiday sales this season has set a new record in the sales of certain electronic gizmos like the famed Apple iPod music player and the videogames. Even the sales of jewelry are up and the company is selling all these products in big numbers.

As for statistics, online shoppers have bought more than 108 million items in the period between November 1 and December 25. The company however did not reveal the financial details of the transactions conducted in this period. Amazon did say that the busiest day for their online store was December 12 when they sold around 3.6 million items.

The report from the company also revealed that Apple iPod was one of the top three selling products from their store. Market reports from ComScore Networks reveals that the online sales in the U.S. are expected to jump 24 percent to about $19 billion in November and December. The driving force between this growth is the convenience of ordering items sitting from home.

Amazon also seems to have benefited from their newly launched service this year. The company introduced a new service in the form of an online-gift organizer, which allows online shoppers to build a list of the people they give presents to on Christmas and other festive occasions. This would give them a regular base of repeated clientele.

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