Pioneer aiming to launch Blu-ray Disc drives next month

Pioneer aiming to launch Blu-ray Disc drives next month

Sony and Toshiba heads the two rival groups developing their own formats for the next generation DVD based storage. Sony is developing the Blu-Ray format while Toshiba is working on the HD DVD format. Both the groups believe that their format is the better option to be made the next generation storage format but it is still not clear what the consumer would prefer when these drives and discs would arrive in the retail market.

Toshiba was supposed to launch their format based discs and drives this year itself. However, they had to delay the launch and now Blu-Ray format developers are working hard on catching up with the release of the HD DVD drives. Pioneer has announced that they plan to unveil its first Blu-ray Disc format optical disc drive for personal computers at the upcoming International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

More interesting news is in store for us as they would be making available these drives and discs in the Japanese market by the end of next month. The BDR-101A drive from the company would be compatible with non-cartridge single-layer recordable BD-R and rewritable BD-RW discs. It would also support the single and dual-layer read-only BD-ROM discs. Other than that, the drive would also support a wide range of DVD-based media and would be able to write DVD-R and DVD-RW discs.

Pioneer would be initially offering it to the Japanese PC makers for inclusion in their desktop computers and systems. And they would be following it with launch in the other markets of the world.

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