Ben Cohen no longer pursuing

Ben Cohen no longer pursuing

Apple Computers can finally rest as Ben Cohen and his company CyberBritain Group has officially declared that they are abandoned all further attempts to get the domain name back. The domain registrar Nominet had awarded Apple Computers the domain name in March earlier this year as they considered Ben’s ownership a case of “abusive registration”.

Cohen had fought back demanding that the expert presiding over the dispute resolution procedure should not be an “Apple Mac” user “because in the view of the Respondent there is a ‘cult’ associated with the products of the Complainant, which attracts fanatical users”. Cohen apparently lost another bid for a judicial review in August.

Edward Phillips, a Nominet company solicitor spoke about the case: “We always said you can’t go running off to court before exhausting the process you are complaining about. And a judicial review is wrong for this anyway; that is for complaining about government decisions, and we’re not a government body.”

Phillips also added to his statement: “Our dispute resolution procedure is designed to be very easy to use, approachable, and fair. There is even an element of appeal, but he didn’t use it. He said that our procedure was too expensive, but then he went off to the High Court, which is not the cheapest place in the world. He never paid a penny for the dispute procedure here.”

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