Google Print, than Yahoo! and now MSN Book Search

Google Print, than Yahoo! and now MSN Book Search

You will not get the see the concept of copycat doing so well anywhere else. Internet is the place to be where your ideas are stolen by everyone out there. Google did it with search and web mail. And Yahoo! and now Microsoft are doing it with Google Print. While, Google is still struggling with its Google Print program due to the two lawsuits claiming that it breaks copyrights of the authors, Yahoo! is playing it safely by saying that they are only going to take the content, which is freely available in public domain.

The latest news in is that Microsoft too is joining the batter of the book searching market and plans to launch MSN Book Search sometime next year. The company said in a statement yesterday that they would be joining this field and would again take the safer route out with non-copyrighted material. Danielle Tiedt, general manager of search content acquisition at MSN spoke about their plans: “Given the copyright issues going on right now, it’s a dicey time.”

The company would be paying for digitization of 150,000 books in the first year. This is expected to cost them around USD 5 million. Yahoo! for now has plans to digitize around 18,000 books only. Microsoft would also be working along with the Internet Archive who would be digitizing the material.

Microsoft has said that they would be experimenting with this project by using different business models. It would even differ from book to book depending upon what kind of copyright exists on it. They also plan to offer extra services to the user like annotations and discussions on the content available on search.

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