Canon to start replacing batteries with tiny fuel cells

Canon to start replacing batteries with tiny fuel cells

Canon has joined the list of the companies, which are working on developing the next generation sources of power for portable devices. The company said in a statement yesterday that they have developed tiny fuel cells, which they plan to use in the future to replace the conventional batteries to power some of its digital cameras and printers. Canon should be out with these cells in a period of three years.

Some other companies involved in similar research projects include Toshiba, NEC, and Hitachi. All of these companies are also working on the development and commercialization of fuel-cell batteries for the next-generation electronic devices. These cells have the capability to replace the current generation lithium-ion batteries, which are widely used to power a range of mobile products.

Canon is actively involved in their research and aims to develop new products as the market is slowing down leading to fall in sales and profit figures. They are also aiming to cut costs by bringing more production of key parts in-house. Also in plans is to replace the liquid crystal displays with organic light-emitting diode in their cameras and printers.

The company has not decided on how they would like to provide the services for the new power source to the consumer but thinks that they would require the customer to visit the Canon centers for recharges.

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