Intel to launch Tigerton in 2007

Intel to launch Tigerton in 2007

Getting knocked around by the new AMD offerings in the server market, Intel has decided to take desperate actions to get back to the top of the server market with their new products scheduled to be launched in 2007. The company has now announced that they are dropping plans for an upcoming processor to launch a new and improved one in 2007.

Intel was due to launch a Xeon processor but now would be developing a new one that improves communication with other chips in the system. They call it the Tigerton and they have plans to release it in the retail market in 2 years time. Intel representative Erica Fields spoke about these developments: “We have the opportunity to deliver better performance in 2007. Therefore, we are canceling a product and replacing it with something else.”

AMD processors for the servers are offering better performance and t incorporate more efficient chip-to-chip communication. This is putting a lot of pressure to perform on the giant Intel is in the processor market for personal computers and servers. Intel has however denied to give out many details on what the Tigerton would be like.

In addition, the company also announced that they are delaying the high-volume release of an update to its Itanium chip for high-end servers. Montecito would now be shipped in volume in the middle of next year rather than early 2006. It is expected to offer two times the performance of today’s Itanium 2 processors.

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