Fujitsu Siemens claims millions wasted by keeping PCs on in offices at night

Fujitsu Siemens claims millions wasted by keeping PCs on in offices at night

If we are to believe a research conducted by the PC maker Fujitsu Siemens, United Kingdom wastes around £123 million worth of electricity by just not turning off their personal computers when they leave offices. They are now recommending the companies to instruct their employees to do so or at least get them into the hibernation mode to save the status of the desktop when they are leaving for home for the day.

They also claimed that this wastage in the end affects our environment. They conducted surveys with around 1,000 employees and discovered that as many as 370 never turned off their computers before leaving the office for the day. Garry Owen, head of product marketing at Fujitsu Siemens Computers spoke about their research: “UK businesses need to consider both the financial and environmental implications of leaving a computer running and make turning off their PCs each night a policy.”

The report coincided with the starting of the Energy Saving Week. UK has seen the prices of electricity increase rapidly in the recent days and such kind of savings would help them preserve power and prevent more hikes in the future. The European Union recently agreed legislation to cut down on energy wasted by idle computers, including those left in standby.

Interestingly, tests have proven that just turning off a monitor can save 75 per cent of the overall energy consumption of a PC.

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