Motorola takes away market share from Nokia

Motorola takes away market share from Nokia

Nokia is the world leader when it comes to mobile phones. However, they are continuing to lose this advantage to competition as Motorola chips away some of their market share in the last couple of months. Finland based Nokia saw their market share fell to 30.4% during the first three months of the current year.

This is a drop from 33% market share they had at the end of last year. The report was released by the market analysts Garner Incorporation. On the other hand, Motorola witnessed a growth in their market share as they now have captured 16.8% of the mobile market.

This share is up from 16.3% at the beginning of the year. Samsung also did good as they now rule 13.3% of the market up from 12.2%. The market is continuing to see aggressive pricing from the various companies trying to woo the customers away from each other. Nokia itself has taken a lot of measures to cut costs and lower the prices of their models.

Some of the plans include opening manufacturing units in Asian countries to manufacture cheaper mobile phones. One of the major markets where they fail to penetrate is the North America and they would love to expand their range in the US to entice more customers. Their long-term goal is to achieve a market dominance of 40%, which looks like a tough deal now.

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