AMD admits some processors short on supplies

AMD admits some processors short on supplies

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) is one of the two major suppliers of microprocessors for the personal computing market. And the company has reportedly admitted in a letter written to some of their partners that Athlon 64 3500, 3800, the dual-core X2 3800, and the lower-end Sempron 2600 and 2800 are in short supplies.

They also added that they expect the problems with the supplies to end by the first quarter of next year. The problem in supplies is mostly due to high demand of these processors by PC manufacturers. AMD has also officially admitted supply problems but declined to reveal the specific details on the processor models.

An AMD representative wrote in a mail to a media group: “AMD is experiencing unprecedented demand for our desktop processors and this unprecedented demand has depleted our supply of packaging components”. The company is working hard with their packaging suppliers to get things in orders to meet the expanding demand for their processors.

AMD is not alone in the market to have supplies problems. Market leaders Intel has been reported to face similar issues with their supplies of certain processors. Manufacturing constraints recently forced Intel to outsource the manufacturing of chipsets for some of its desktop motherboards.

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