Apple Macs are not going anywhere as sales improving over the years

Apple Macs are not going anywhere as sales improving over the years

If you believed that Apple has become more of an iPod company than a Mac maker, you might just be proven wrong. Market research has indicated that Apple is not only selling more iPods than ever, but the sales of Macintosh computers are showing massive improvements as well. Research and investment firm PiperJaffray spoke with 20 Apple Specialists for this research, which goes very much in favor of the Apple as a computer manufacturer.

PiperJaffray analyst Gene Munster wrote in a research note: “As we expected, the majority of Apple specialists we spoke with are expecting December 2005 to be up from December 2004. Specifically, 60-percent of resellers expect [this year] be stronger than [last] and half of the 60-percent indicated that [this year] will be “significantly better” than [last]”.

This means that the iPod halo effect continues to show its effect on Mac sales. More and more people are being lured into moving from the PC platform to Mac as the popularity of iPod expands in the market. The Apple resellers in the market claims that iMac continues to be the most popular product in the market considering the company is now targeting as more than just a computer. The latest iMac G5 is being showcased as a complete media center device and comes with an inbuilt camera and a remote control.

Analyst Munster added in his report: “We have gotten a lot of questions regarding the potential for Apple customers to slow down Mac buying ahead of next year’s Intel transition. We asked the 20 Apple resellers if they are seeing evidence of this trend. 60-percent of value added resellers (VARs) in our sample said they have seen a few customers indicating that they intend to wait until next year to see what Apple releases, but in all cases this was a small group of customers.”

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