Sony has more trouble in store in Texas

Sony has more trouble in store in Texas

The DRM technology Sony used in their Audio CDs continues to haunt them as the state of Texas in the United States has filed yet another lawsuit against the entertainment giant. They had already sued the company a couple of weeks ago claiming that the company installed a spyware application in the PCs of the users to prevent them from making copies of songs from the CDs they purchased from the market.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott added a couple of more new allegations that reflect harm to consumers who purchased certain CDs loaded with controversial DRM technologies. The latest allegation invokes the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Texas is claiming that the XCP technology used by Sony in their CDs violated the state’s spyware and deceptive trade practices laws.

Abbott argues that despite the fact that the consumer refuses to agree to the license agreement offered on running the CD, files are secretly installed on their computers. These files make the system further vulnerable to security issues. He added in a statement: “We keep discovering additional methods Sony used to deceive Texas consumers who thought they were simply buying music. Thousands of Texans are now potential victims of this deceptive game Sony played with consumers for its own purposes.”

The new lawsuit also goes on to claim that Sony failed to warn the consumers about the potential hazards of the hidden application that gets installed on their system without informing them about it on running the Audio CDs loaded with XCP technology. He has also urged the retailers of Audio CDs in the region to get rid of the titles, which are loaded with this technology.

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