Apple iPod nano users complain about scratched screens

Apple iPod nano users complain about scratched screens

Apple iPod nano is a fascinating device. It is so small that some users are just scared of damaging the little device. However, it looks like that how hard they may try to keep it safe, the colored display of this tiny device is not exactly prone to hard usage. The company is currently receiving a bucketful of complaints from the nano users who say that this variant of the iPod range is prone to getting scratched very quickly.

Nano buyers complained on the Apple’s Bulletin Board that the music player’s color screens have become so scratched they are impossible to use. They are also demanding that the company recalls their units and fix them with a suitable solution, which prevents the reoccurring of the problem.

Apple on their part continues to claim that the demand is so high that they are selling off whatever they can ship to their stores. However, with such a steep price of this tiny digital music player, the owners are feeling cheated that they are not getting a decent deal for their spent money. What makes it worse is a news story in the media, which claims that the device does not cost even half of what they are charging the user for!

Problems have been pretty common with the Apple iPod devices with the first generation music players suffering from battery performance problems.

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