Reports say Apple Mac Mini to get another upgrade

Reports say Apple Mac Mini to get another upgrade

Apple recently launched their iTunes capable mobile phone ROKR in collaboration with the second largest mobile company in the world Motorola. In addition, they also amused the media and the iPod fans with the iPod Mini replacement iPod nano, which has itself become a best seller in the last couple of days.

The latest news in says that the company is now due for an upgrade on their Apple Mac Mini computer range. The company has not commented on these rumors considering its against their policies to do so. Instead, the reports say that the updated Mac Mini are currently being delivered to Apple showrooms for the rush expected after the announcement is made official.

This upgrade is said to be due to be updated earlier this week but the announcement was somewhat delayed. The upgrades are on the hardware front as the low-end Mac mini will be upgraded from a 1.25GHz G4 processor to a 1.33GHz G4. The more expensive version gets a bump from 1.42GHz to 1.5GHz. Apple is also expected to improve the hard drive performance by shipping 5,400-rpm drives instead of the current generation 4,200-rpm ones. The capacities are not expected to change.

Another update is expected on the two higher end models, which would now receive a new AirPort Extreme and Bluetooth module featuring Bluetooth 2.0+EDR. The most expensive model is likely to get an 8x dual-layer model instead of the current 4x SuperDrive. Apple is not expected to hike the prices considering they are targeted at the budget segment buyers who are willing to move from the PC platform to the Mac platform.

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