Mobile Phone owners want better battery life

Mobile Phone owners want better battery life

Mobile Phone companies launch new products pretty regularly to keep the interest going. The new features range from anything from internet connectivity to the ability to play songs and videos. However, a research has shown that the biggest concern for an owner of a mobile phone is the battery life of the device.

Mobile phone owners and PDA device users have expressed that battery backup is their prime criteria when they go out to shop for a new product. This might come as a surprise for the manufacturers as most of them are working hard on developing new technologies to enable more functionality in the device. And usually, more features lead to more consumption of battery power leading to lower life of the device after a recharge.

Many of these owners have also said that they defer from using the more complex features of their mobile phones most of the time to save on battery power for longer usage. However, these advanced features are still very important to them, as the mobiles have moved beyond just providing telephony facility to the users.

More and more users said that they are now using MMS functionality for sending snaps and photos they take from their mobile. This is becoming a growing trend as SMS messaging already has become one of the most popular means of earning revenues by the mobile service providers. However, unless something is done to drastically increase the battery life of these devices… users are going to become frustrated over a period of time.

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