Singapore Airlines considering placing an order with Boeing

Singapore Airlines considering placing an order with Boeing

This year has been good for the airline industry. Record orders have been placed at both Boeing and Airbus. And now Boeing might be looking at another biggie from the Singapore Airlines as reports suggests that the airline company is considering purchasing close to 80 airplanes from the US based aircraft manufacturer.

Singapore Airlines has been considering both the Boeing’s 787 and Airbus A350 along with the recently unveiled 777-200LR. They are already one of the biggest operators of the Boeing 777 planes. However, the Airbus A350 led to certain delays from the company to purchase the Boeing 787 from the US based company. The airline company had said that they had doubts on the economic case Boeing was making for the 787.

However, the wait for Boeing might be over as reports coming in suggest that Singapore Airlines has finally made their decision and might be placing an order as early as next month. The Wall Street Journal has reported that Singapore Airlines has decided to go with Boeing and will soon order more than $10 billion of wide body jets, mostly 787s and 777s.

The order is expected to be for around 80 planes with an added option to purchase another 30 planes. This is expected to also include the 777-200LRs planes, which recently set a nonstop distance record for airplanes.

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