NASA might cut jobs to save International Space Station

NASA might cut jobs to save International Space Station

Apparently, NASA is finding itself short on resources to get the work complete on the international space station. They are no looking towards cutting on their Space Shuttle flight missions and even cut some jobs to keep the mission on and working. They have already asked the US government to raise their funding by around USD 5 Billion for the next five years.

If this demand is met, NASA would be able to carry out 18 shuttle missions to the space station and 1 repair flight to the Hubble Space Telescope. If not, they have already started preparing a backup plan, which cuts on Space Shuttle missions by an unreported number. This could in the end result in job cuts at their Kennedy Space Center (KSC).

NASA chief has apparently asked for a report on how much money could be saved and how many jobs could be cut if KSC prepared one shuttle at a time for launch instead of working on all three orbiters simultaneously. This would help the NASA to reduce its workforce by quite a bit and save on resources resulting in cost cuts.

However, no decisions have been made till now and it would be a while before something as drastic as this step is taken. USA government would definitely have some questions to answer in any case.

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