Brazil has Flex cars to fight fuel price rise

Brazil has Flex cars to fight fuel price rise

This news item has to potential to influence the Indian auto industry. In a good way that is. Brazil is not waiting for the hybrid vehicles or cars powered by fuel cells to cut costs on fuel imports. They are instead playing it intelligently and using their own capabilities to find a solution. The country is using flexible fuels for their automobiles, which are now popularly known as the Flex vehicles.

The drivers are buying cars, which are capable of using the alcohol made from sugar cane as fuel instead of traditional gasoline. Regular cars on the roads can live with 10 percent blend of alcohol and gasoline. However, the Flex vehicles are made to run on a wider range of fuel combinations by making change to the engine settings.

The first vehicle out of the showrooms was TotalFlex Golf in March 2003 from Volkswagen. Since then a lot of auto giants have launched customized cars capable of running on these alternative fuel combinations. In fact, these flex cars have started outselling the cars running on regular engine settings which is quite an impressive task to achieve.

Barry Engle, the new president of Ford Brasil said in a statement: “Demand has been unbelievable. I am hard-pressed to think of any other technology that has been such a success so quickly.”

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