Motorola Rokr might as well flop big-time

Motorola Rokr might as well flop big-time

This particular mobile phone was very much anticipated by the media and the consumer alike. Apple makes fabulous machines, even more interesting MP3 players. When the news broke that they were working with Motorola on a mobile phone product that would support the Apple iTunes digital media web store, people had high hopes from Motorola Rokr.

However, the launch itself went low key when Apple simultaneously launched their fantastic and much in news Apple iPod nano. The latest reports in claims that this mobile phone might as well turn into a flop show for the company as they are seeing exceptionally high rates of customers returning their other big star the Motorola Rokr.

As per market reports, as many as six times more customers are returning the Rokr phones than is normal for new handsets. Even the Motorola Chief Executive Officer Ed Zander is disappointed by the way; Apple has marketed this mobile phone. He said in a statement: “We got off to a little bit of a rough start. People were looking for an iPod and that’s not what it is. We may have missed the marketing message there.”

One of the worst part about the whole package that Motorola Rokr is that it stores just around 100 songs and costs around $249.99 with a two-year contract from Cingular. Most ipods are cheaper than that and provide a lot more storage space. Of course, an iPod cannot work as a mobile phone. Then the iPod name is synonymous with music rather than a communications device.

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