AOL takes its portal out of beta testing

AOL takes its portal out of beta testing

America Online has said that their ad-supported portal is now out of beta testing and ready for mass deployment on the browsers of the users and corporate alike. This is the latest step from the company, which is struggling to keep its user base of internet users and web portal subscribers who were shifting to alternative services from companies like Yahoo! and MSN.

The market for advertising on the net has grown into a multibillion-dollar industry as Google has shown what it can do for you. They have turned into global leaders in search engine technologies with the revenues garnered from such advertisements. The company made this posting about the beta-testing ending in a post: “ is no longer in Beta! Thanks very much for all your testing assistance.”

The company added features to this beta service continuously. The portal features search, email and other services found on competing portals. They are also focusing on the video features considering it is considered to become popular in the coming days. There is a special section devoted to network’s multimedia content, including music videos, news, sports, and entertainment.

AOL has an advantage over their rival companies when it comes to generating content considering the portal develops its own music videos through its online service Music Sessions and Music Live, and it’s parent company Time Warner could work with its subsidiary one day to develop more original content.

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