Verizon launches paid television service

Verizon launches paid television service

Verizon Communications has officially launched their paid television service in the United States. The company plans to take on the traditional cable companies already present in the market and drive the prices down for the consumers. They are starting by offering their services in Keller, Texas and they are running their network on Fios fiber network.

The consumers of this service would be paying $12.95 for the basic service providing 15 to 35 channels. Around 180 channels could be accessed in the package costing $39.95. Users would further have the option to add more sports and movie channels for $5.95 and $11.95, respectively. These prices are pretty impressive considering the prevailing rates in the market and would be luring consumers away from the cable companies.

In the coming times, Verizon plans to offer more than 300 channels of programming from a variety of content providers. The company is talking with entertainment content providers like Walt Disney, Showtime Networks, A&E Television Networks, NBC Universal Cable, Starz Entertainment Group, Discovery Networks, and Movielink for these plans.

The expansion plan to other cities in the country is underway as Verizon aims to expand to five more markets to its television service by the end of this year.

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