Philips aggressively targeting Indian television market

Philips aggressively targeting Indian television market

Netherland based consumer electronic giants Philips now aims to become one of the dominating players in the Indian television market. The company aims to become one of the top three manufacturers and sellers of television sets in India by the end of next year and is targeting a market share of around 10%.

Philips Electronics brand manager, Mrugesh Gaglani was speaking to the media personals and said that the company currently is the fifth largest player in the CTV segment with a market share of 7.5 per cent. LG is currently the market leader with close to 30% market share. He also said that their company is however leading the audio player market segment with a share of close to 45%.

Gaglani added: “In the audio segment we want to maintain our share next year, too, through newer price points and products.” Indian electronics market is growing considerably over the years and the coming years are not going to be any exception. The demand for DVD players is increasing massively and the market players are working hard on capitalizing on the demand of the consumer.

Gaglani also added the Philips was doing really well in the market and have progressed from ninth in 2003 to the fifth position.

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